When the tones drop and you’re the First-In FireFighter will you be ready? This page is dedicated to basic and technical firefighter knowledge. We will release videos and articles to help firefighters be ready for the first few key minutes in any incident as the First-In FireFighter, regardless of what rank you are or what rig you’re on. We will talk about leading your crew members through emergent and non-emergent task, because leadership comes before the fire ground. Here at First-In FireFighter we want you to be First-In on more than just firefighting. We want you to be FIRST to STEP UP and LEAD because leaders come in all shapes and forms and rank has nothing to do with leading. We want you to be the FIRST one to volunteer to head up a task around the firehouse. The FIRST one to work, the FIRST one with your gear ready to go, the FIRST one on and off the rig, and the FIRST one to help with dishes, daily duties, and to offer a lending hand to brothers in need and to the citizens in which you serve.



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